Welcome to the wiki page of the THEORY group. The scope of the THEORY group is wide, from the cosmological constant problem to the phenomenology of dark energy scenarios and in fact any new physics idea related to the late time Universe.

The last meeting took place virtually on October 14 2020 with 5 short talks:
14.30-14.40 : Vincent Vennin (APC) : Un petit point sur les trous noirs primordiaux Attach:vennin.pdf
14.40-14.50: Guilhem Lavaux (IAP): Peculiar velocities in the local Universe: comparison of different models and the implications for H0 and dark matter. Attach:lavaux.pdf
14.50-15.00: Khim Wong (IPhT): Spin precession as a new window into disformal scalar fields. Attach:wong.pdf
15.00-15.10: Aoife Boyle (IAP): Neutrino mass constraints beyond linear order: cosmology dependence and systematic biases. Attach:boyle.pdf
15.10-15.20 : Alberto Roper Pol (APC): Gravitational Waves from Magneto-hydrodynamic Turbulence in the Early Universe. Attach:roperpol.pdf

The slides of the summary talk for the meeting in October 2020 is here: Attach:resume.pdf

The slides of the summary talk for the meeting in November 2019 is here: Attach:DEsum.pdf

You can find below a list of most of the subject which should be touched upon within the group in the future. The links are active. Please add details about your projects in each of the pages.


Quantum vacuum

Dynamical dark energy

Modified gravity

Inhomogeneous cosmology

Dark matter, neutrinos and dark energy

Non-linear regime

Relativistic effects

Other messengers (neutrinos, gravitational waves)

Boite à idées

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