Proposed internships (2022-2023)

Les offres des masters astrophysiques et d'autres se retrouvent souvent ici: Certains sont ajoutés sur cette page:

Toulouse (L2IT):


This internship project aims at investigating possible scenarios of evolution of our Universe, as predicted by Einstein’s theory of General Relativity or extension of it, using gravitational-wave observations from next-generation gravitational-wave observatories (either ground-based or space-based). After having familiarised with the basics of the theory of gravitational wave physics and Bayesian statistical inference, the student will get acquainted with some of the state-of-the-art techniques to do gravitational-wave cosmology. The student will acquire the skills (both theoretical and computational) to carry out the Bayesian parameter estimation of few cosmological models, focusing on gravitational-wave signals emitted by black hole and neutron star binaries.

Contact: Nicola Tamanini nicola.tamanini(at)

We are looking for a strong and motivated Master student to participate in the cosmological analysis of the South Pole Telescope observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background. The student will have the possibility to contribute to the preparation of a major data release which will likely provide new insights about the nature of our universe.

Contact: Silvia Galli gallis(at) More info:

Toulouse (IRAP):

  • Mesurer les oscillations acoustiques des baryons avec le relevé photométrique d’Euclid :

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